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Hair Wash


The 1650-hour Hairdressing Program prepares the student to become a licensed hairdresser in the State of Alaska and consists of two sub-courses:


Hairdressing I: (Approx. 350 hours) 

Hairdressing I teaches the basic skills of hairdressing. Instruction consists of theory and application including, but not limited to, men and women’s haircuts, tints, bleaches, hair coloring and permanent waving.  This phase of instruction focuses on basic skills to be practiced, for the most part, on the mannequin provided in your kit.  Students in this course are encouraged to schedule appointments for their friends and family members for haircuts and chemical services so that the student may gain as much “live practice” as possible.  Haircuts by these students are performed on family members or fellow students at no charge, fees will apply for any chemical products utilized.  Scheduling of appointments and chemical product fees are at the discretion of the instructors and MUST BE PRE-APPROVED. 


Hairdressing II: (Approx. 1300 hrs.) 

Hairdressing II expands and refines the skills learned in Cosmetology II.  Work is done mainly on clients in the school salon.  Combined with Hairdressing I, this course allows the student to fulfill all the requirements necessary to take the State of Alaska Hairdressing Examination.  Students will be supervised and evaluated by the instructors on an informal basis about practical work.  The instructor will generally make “on the spot” corrections to the work that the student is performing.

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